February 27-

Today was good overall.. skipped English to finish homework which was successfully completed for once. And added bonus, got to spend more than 2 minutes in the morning making myself look decent LOL :P. 

Then spare where Miranda and I have never done more than 3 questions of any given subject…we’re so productive. All we do is talk about people. I swear I have some bad karma coming my way. 

But then lockdown yayyy. Well, the bomb threat part is not so yay but the getting to miss chem part is. We watched Mean Girls and played Monopoly in the library for 3 hours. Good use of time even though I failed miserably at Monopoly and people were providing ANNOYING commentary throughout the movie. 

So the only class I went to today was psych and AWE :) cutest movie that we’re watching right now :D. Also, 97% on my psych presentation. What the heck…haha after the incredible embarrassment that was Friday’s class, these were definitely pity marks. 

Best news of today? WL isn’t due tomorrow :D Happy happy. Will eat a donut to celebrate… not that I have ever needed a reason to eat a donut. 

While we’re on that, worst part of today? People really never fail to annoy me..would expand but my keyboard is already mostly broken; it doesn’t need my anger haha. 

Linkages was good too. Georg showed me [multiple] copies he made of the photo I made for him. He rolled them up in tubes to send to his sister and friends in Germany :’). It`s so nice how much he appreciates it and how it sits right next to the picture of his wife. Speaking of his wife, today he read me letters from when he was in the war [to and from his wife]. So sweet :’). We also had a mini celebration of my birthday haha he sang to me. And offered me a glass of wine which I obviously declined but the gesture was sweet.